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Music – T2 W8 2024

Even More Opportunities to Perform

In the Music Classroom

Congratulations to our Year 5 students who have been busily making music this semester. Year 5 students split into four separate groups during Music class every Friday. One group is our 27-piece Junior Concert Band conducted by Mr Miller. Another is our 11-piece Junior Strings Orchestra led by Miss Harrowsmith and Miss Stafurik. The remaining two groups are led by Mrs Kiefer and Mr Chavura. Mrs Kiefer has been running a percussion program using African drums and hand percussion instruments. Mr Chavura’s group has been learning the ukulele. These two groups will switch from Term 3.

Stage 5 Music students have their very first formal performance examination in Week 9. These students have been preparing a jazz piece to present to the class. They have been learning about various jazz compositional techniques such as seventh chords, syncopation swing and shuffle. In Term 4 these same students will be hosting the annual Stage 5 Music night. More information will come later in the year.

Mr Miller has been planning OPAC’s first set of Recital Concerts. These concerts showcase the work of our students enrolled in peripatetic music lessons. On Monday and Tuesday night of Week 9 students will perform short pieces they have prepared with their tutors to family and friends. The teaching of music tutors is an often-overlooked part of the life of a busy college. We’re grateful for our tutors’ investment into our students and look forward to two nights of wonderful music. Parents should contact their child’s instrument tutor if they are interest in participating.

Upcoming Ensemble Performances

Congratulations to our senior bands and choir for their polished performances at the Podium on Wednesday in Week 8. What a privilege it was to play percussion with the other percussionists in the Senior Concert Band as a ‘ring-in’ on the day. They played varying time signatures and dynamics as a tight-knit ensemble. Equally, the Senior Stage Band played various jazz standards to a high standard. Finally the Senior School Choir performed three pieces with a bright sound which was sure to put a smile on any passing shopper. Well done to our senior bands and choir!

Our Senior School Choir will lead a small congregation at Barry Marsh House for a traditional service on Tuesday 25th June. Students will present some traditional sacred songs including the spiritual Down in the River which features a three-part harmony.

Congratulations to the Intermediate Stage Band that made its debut at this term’s Endeavour Assembly. They performed Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon to a high standard complete with solos and a tight return to the head at the end. Well done to the students and Mr Miller!

Join the Music Program

If you’re interested in your son or daughter learning an instrument, please fill in the form linked here.

God bless, 

Mr Tim Chavura
Head of Performing Arts