2024 Fee Schedule

Oran Park Anglican College is devoted to supporting families within our growing community. The College strives to keep fees as affordable as possible, while ensuring our students gain the OPAC Difference to carry them into their future.

Enrolment Fees

Application Fee (per Student)
Payable when the Application for Enrolment is lodged. The Application Fee (which is non-refundable and inclusive of GST) is payable directly to the College.
Acceptance Fee (per Student)
Payable when accepting a place offered by the College. The Acceptance Fee (which is non-refundable) is payable, by cheque or cash, directly to the College.
The fee is payable once in respect of each student, prior to initial commencement at the College (whether in preparatory or other years). The College’s receipt of the ‘Offer of a Place’ letter, signed and returned by parents together with payment of the Acceptance Fee, constitutes acceptance of the place offered.

School Fees

Year GroupPer Term Annual Service Charges (p.a.)
Preparatory 2 Days$1,650$6,600NIL
Preparatory 3 Days$2,475 $9,900NIL
Kindergarten to Year 2$2,080$8,320$740
Years 3 to 4$2,080$8,320$920
Years 5 to 6$2,080$8,320$1,260
Years 7 to 8$2,215$8,860$1,560
Years 9 to 10$2,215$8,860$1,700
Year 11$2,265$9,060$1,900
Year 12$3,015$9,045$1,890

Family Allowance

A concession in the above School Fees is allowable where two or more members of the immediate family concurrently attend the College and where no other concession applies, for example, a scholarship. The Family Allowance does not extend to Preparatory, to Service Charges or to students placed by Corporate Debtors.

Second StudentThird StudentFourth and Subsequent Students

To learn more about our current schedule of fees, payment options and read the terms and conditions please download the complete Fee Schedule below.