Junior School

We pride ourselves on providing our Junior School students with an engaging, holistic, Christ-centred curriculum. An emphasis is placed on developing strong literacy and numeracy skills from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our intentional education experience instils in students the compassion, courage and curiosity to develop their individual craftsmanship and collaboration skills.

An intensive focus on the fundamentals of Literacy and Numeracy is based on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus. This is complemented by a distinctive and expansive co-curricular program allowing students to explore their interests across a wider range of subject areas including Creative and Performing Arts, Science, Technology, Sport and Music.

I want to see each child become a
confident learner, aware of the ways
that they learn and to be able to advocate
for themselves as a child made in God’s image.

Mrs Melinda Wealands
Head of Diverse Learning

A Place They Want to Be

The Junior School environment is light and bright, with flexible learning spaces and nature-based playgrounds designed to engage and challenge every student, harmonising with learning that takes place both in the classroom and outdoors. Learning experiences are tailored for individual student needs and matched to stage appropriate outcomes that are attuned to each key learning theme.

Shaping Future Innovators

As a young and dynamic school, OPAC is constantly innovating and evolving with best practise, including in the use of technology to enhance the learning programs and experiences for our Junior School students.

In Prep to Year 2, students have access to banks of iPads. Years 3 to 4 students transition to using laptops in preparation for our Bring Your Own Laptop Program from Year 5. Access to technology is delivered with an acceptable use policy and cyclical program of skill development so that the children are able and savvy users of age-appropriate tools.

Venture further into the OPAC Differences in our Junior School Guide.

OPAC is a special place where teachers
and parents work together to guide and
nurture students on their learning journey.

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Creative and Performance Arts, Sport, STEM, Christian groups and clubs

Our wide range of co-curricular opportunities allow students to develop their talents and skills, gain confidence, build resilience and form friendships across all year levels.

Diverse Learning

Learning Enrichment and Learning Support

We recognise all students as individuals with different needs, who learn in a variety of ways.


Buddy program, Canine Support program, Chapels, College Counsellors and more

Our wellbeing vision is for all students to realise their potential, recognise and manage their emotions and develop their capacity to grow and flourish in our Christ-centred community.