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Duke of Ed Spotlight – T2 W8 2024

Dance, Choir and Community Service, Oh My!

This weeks Duke of Edinburgh Spotlight features Year 9 student Emily-Jane D. Emily-Jane begun her Bronze award this year and has already made impressive progress in the past two terms.

Emily-Jane has been using her dance classes as her physical recreation component of the award. She set the goal to perform at both her mid-year and end of year concerts, and to develop her skills in the styles of hip-hop and jazz. Emily-Jane has faithfully attended classes and has been preparing her concert routine for the mid-year concert. See some photos below of Emily-Jane in action!

Emily-Jane has also been an active member of the Senior Choir throughout 2024, which is counting as her skill component. She has attended weekly rehearsals and performed at the Anglican Schools Choral Festival in Week 6, as well as the Podium Performance in Week 7. Emily is working on developing her singing technique and understanding the ins and ours of being part of a choir.

Emily-Jane has also been developing her understanding of service by volunteering at her church community. She is on the welcoming team and serving morning tea. It is exciting to see our students going beyond themselves. Well done Emily-Jane!

See an extract from an interview with Emily-Jane about her participation in DoE.

During duke of ed I have really enjoyed completing different activities such as dancing and singing I have enjoyed seeing my skills grow. I have enjoyed serving my church by providing morning tea and welcoming new people. A challenge has been the hike as it is physically challenging and mentally challenging. However by having my friends there and doing things I love I have learnt I can overcome any challenge.”

All Bronze participants will be going on their Qualifying Adventurous Journey in Term 3.

God bless, 

Mr Rohan Miller
Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader