From the Principal

Mrs Wilkins has an industry and Science teaching background and has worked in both public and independent schools in Sydney.

As a Christian educator and leader she seeks to inspire students and staff to make a difference in the world as life-long learners who use their God-given talents to serve their communities.

Welcome to our vibrant learning community where every member is valued and high standards of character, behaviour and relationships are set, and Christ is honoured.

My goal is to is to see all students grow as individuals; intellectually, socially and ethically, and as contributors to society. I encourage staff and students to have a growth mindset which acknowledges that our abilities can be developed through quality instruction and perseverance and practice.

I also long to see our students challenged to develop the skills and consciousness of how they can help people in need both locally and globally.

Mrs Naomi Wilkins

Principal of Oran Park Anglican College walking with students.

What motivates me as a Christian teacher and leader is my desire to show people in my school community the love of Christ and how He is relevant in each of their lives.

Mrs Naomi Wilkins