Beyond the Classroom

Your child’s progress is measured not only by academic success, but also by character, relationships, and preparation for life of learning beyond school. That is why we provide a range of opportunities for students to uncover and nurture their unique talents, promoting leadership, creativity, and shared growth.

Student Leadership

Our Christian faith is the motivation to pursue excellence and wisdom within a safe environment that values positive relationships and service. We expect our student leaders, at all levels, to exhibit humility in character and have a positive influence on the life of the College.

Taking on a leadership role is an excellent way for students to develop the College values within themselves. We offer formal and informal opportunities for leadership from Junior School through to Year 12, including:

  • Student Representative Council
  • Peer Support leaders
  • Peer tutoring
  • Leadership of Co-curricular groups
  • Coaching of Junior Sport teams
  • Sports Captaincy
  • Sporting team leadership
  • College Captain and Senior School Leaders

International Study Tours

As a College, we deeply value experiential learning, as demonstrated through our Stage 5 Japan Studies Exchange Program and the Stage 6 Europe Tour. The Japan exchange offers a profound immersion into Japanese culture, with students living with host families, attending language classes at Tachibana High School in Tokyo, and exploring Japan’s historical and cultural sites, from Mt. Fuji to Kyoto. This not only enhances their cultural understanding and language skills but also fosters lasting international connections.

The Europe Tour for Stage 6 students is crafted to enrich academic and spiritual growth, taking them on a historical journey through Italy and Rome. Visiting landmarks such as the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, and Pompeii, alongside significant sites like the Dachau concentration camp, the tour broadens students’ worldviews. It ties real-world experiences back to classroom learning, encouraging a lifelong passion for knowledge and preparing them for a globally interconnected future.

I hope that every student leaves our college
with a sense of purpose, equipped with the
tools to make a positive impact in their
communities and pursue their dreams
with unwavering determination.

Mrs Maria Mertzanakis
Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning

Outdoor Education Program

Each year, students in Years 7 to 11 take part in a three-day outdoor adventure program. These immersive experiences facilitate personal development, team building and leadership skills. Activities include bush and water-based endeavours, hiking, camping and city mission.

Peer Support Program

The College implements the Peer Support Australia Program which pairs team leaders from Year 10 with Year 7 students over a two-year period. The program encourages healthier relationships among peers and promotes our positive College culture. We focus on the two key areas of relationships and resilience, providing strategies to use in changing situations and exploring the skills and attitudes necessary to maintain positive friendships. Peer leaders in Year 10 undergo training to prepare for their role, developing skills necessary for effective facilitation of peer support groups.

Year 12 Mentor Program

To further enhance the wellbeing and achievement of our Year 12 students in their HSC studies, Oran Park Anglican College provides staff mentors. The program was introduced as a support due to the increased workload and expectations of the HSC. It is complementary to existing Pastoral Care structures which underpin the overall wellbeing of our student community. Individual support is provided that incorporates academic, organisational, post-graduate options, spiritual and wellbeing related areas.

For our teachers, educating your child is their calling, and personal development is grounded in the timeless values of our Christian faith. The OPAC Difference provides students with so much more than a Higher School Certificate, it carries them into their future.