Diverse Learning

We recognise all students as individuals with different needs, who learn in a variety of ways. For our teachers, educating your child is more than a job — it’s their calling. Our teachers are highly skilled and constantly developing a differentiated curriculum to ensure every learner is known and provided the support and challenge to reach their full potential. We have both Learning Enrichment and Learning Support available for OPAC students.

All students need enriching learning experiences. Each year, classes are carefully considered so that students can benefit from working collaboratively with others who approach learning in a similar way. At the same time, we ensure there is opportunity for mixed ability groupings, as giftedness exists in many domains beyond those traditionally identified at school.

Our Enrichment Coordinators help to identify and plan learning and extracurricular activities to meet the needs of students requiring additional enrichment. The College offers students the chance to participate in external competitions including:

  • da Vinci Decathlon
  • Debating
  • Future Problem Solving
  • Gateway Macarthur
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Public Speaking
Student reading a book in class.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Team adjusts learning delivery for students who require additional assistance. This includes ongoing identification of student needs through the collaborative planning process, implementation of individual programs and the monitoring and evaluation of student progress. Support may be provided through classroom strategies, differentiated programs, one-to-one or small group instruction or in-class support. Adjustments may be provided long or short term according to the individual learning needs of each student.

The OPAC Difference means support is provided across many aspects of the College and every student is seen as an individual, and “of greater worth than gold”.