The Leadership Team at Oran Park Anglican College works in unity to gather, inspire and promote the College’s three strategic intentions:

  1. Growing in Christ
  2. Growing as Learners
  3. Growing our Community

They achieve this by being leaders who:

  • Challenge the process by facilitating change that moves towards opportunities
  • Inspire a shared vision by committing and engaging others
  • Enable others to act by building trust that leads to serving others
  • Model the Christian life by establishing unity through setting an example
  • Encourage the heart by acknowledging success and celebrating it

Mrs Naomi Wilkins – Principal

“I would love to lead a College in which all students (and their teachers!) are risk takers in their learning and respond to mistakes as learning opportunities.”
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Mrs Naomi Wilkins is strongly supported by her Executive team:

Deputy Principal – Head of Junior School
Mrs Jenny Squire

Deputy Principal – Head of Senior School
Mr Steve Owen

Deputy Principal – Administration
Mr Hugh Renshaw

Deputy Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning
Mrs Kathryn Watkins

Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing
Mr Luke Przydacz

Director of Academic Operations
Mr Brett Gillies

Deputy Head of School - OPAC

Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning
Mrs Maria Mertzanakis

OPAC Executive_Alison

Deputy Head of Senior School – Wellbeing
Miss Alison Menzies

OPAC Executive_Melinda

Head of Diverse Learning
Mrs Melinda Wealands


Oran Park Anglican College prides itself on being a dynamic, innovative and young school, able to adapt and evolve with best practise, unconstrained by traditions. 

The College is governed by a College Council that is focussed on strategic matters including capital planning, risk compliance and monitoring, as well as operational oversight of the College.

The Council is appointed by and accountable to the Board of The Anglican Schools Corporation. The Council appoints the Principal, who is delegated with the College’s day-to-day management and operational responsibility. The College is accredited by the NSW Education and Standards Authority.

Members of the Council offer a range of professional, business and spiritual expertise. A representative from The Anglican Schools Corporation is also appointed membership. The Principal is an ex-officio member of the Council. All members volunteer their time and expertise to the College and receive no financial or other benefit.