Teaching and Learning – T2 W4 2024

Nurturing Curiosity: Inspiring Lifelong Learning Through Exploration Have you ever noticed a child staring in fascination at a fluttering butterfly, or peppering you with endless “why” questions? That natural curiosity is the spark that ignites a lifelong love of learning. This term, the College is shining a spotlight on Curiosity and working to grow the […]

Health and Wellbeing – T2 W4 2024

A positive culture in Junior School In any school, there will always be misunderstanding and conflict between students from time to time. Through the lens of Restorative Practices, we see conflicts as opportunities for growth, where students feel safe and valued, and where relationships matter and are at the heart of everything we do. Meaningful […]

Senior School – T2 W4 2024

Amazing Triumphs, Student Leadership, and a Load of Rubbish? Volleyball Success Other schools speak in hushed tones about the might of the OPAC volleyball squads – and for good reason. At the recent CSSA Gala Day (Christian Schools Sports Association of NSW consisting of 88 schools), we won the Year 7-9 competition and were runners […]

Junior School – T2 W4 2024

Protecting Young Eyes: Strategies for Safe Online Experiences Last week I had the opportunity to hear Dr Kristy Goodwin speak on the nature of living in a digital culture that is always switched on, always demanding our attention and often compromising our wellbeing. Dr Goodwin is a researcher and speaks about the ways which technology […]

Principal – T2 W4 2024

Celebrating Mothers and Cultivating Curiosity May 21st is a special day on the global calendar—World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Established by the United Nations, this day reminds us to engage with diverse cultures and celebrate our community, fostering inclusion and wellbeing throughout the year. It’s a time to reflect on the […]

Teaching and Learning – T2 W2 2024

Curious about Teaching and Learning at OPAC? As we embark on a new term, it behoves us to reaffirm our dedication to one of our foundational values: curiosity. At Oran Park Anglican College, we hold a firm conviction that curiosity serves as the bedrock of learning, innovation, and personal growth. It is the luminous spark […]

Senior School – T2 W2 2024

Learning Legalities and Lattes Term 2 kicked off with a flurry of activities, offering a diverse range of experiences for our students, including Social Media Law seminars, excellence in sport, cross-country and making the perfect cup of coffee. Social Media Law Seminars Senior school students engaged in an enlightening seminar led by Lara Menon, a […]

Junior School – T2 W2 2024

An eventful beginning of Term 2 Welcome to Term 2! The first two weeks of term have been very eventful in Junior School. Last Thursday and Friday our Year 5 students travelled to Bathurst for an overnight stay and goldfields experience. I talked with some of them as they were getting off the bus at […]

Principal – T2 W2 2024

Celebrating Mothers and Cultivating Curiosity Welcome back to Term 2 and a special acknowledgement to all our mothers and grandmothers as we celebrate Mother’s Day this week. It was wonderful to gather together this chilly morning, warmed up by a BBQ breakfast as we spent time with our mothers and mother figures to express our […]

Commemorating ANZAC Day

To commemorate ANZAC Day, our college engaged in a variety of activities to honour those who have fought and continue to serve in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. These activities also aimed to educate our students about the sacrifices made for our freedom. Both the Junior and Senior schools held assemblies where students shared stories […]