Year 9 Students Shine in Debating Competition

Throughout Semester 1, our Year 9 students have actively participated in the MISA Debating Competition, showcasing their exceptional skills and dedication. Finishing as quarterfinalists, they have grown in confidence, mastering the art of constructing rigorous arguments on topics such as the impact of social media and the role of sport in shaping Australia’s national identity.

For each debate, students collaborated to develop mind maps, delving into the nuances of each topic. They conducted thorough research to support their case, demonstrating a keen understanding of the issues at hand. This group of students exemplified cohesion, listening to one another and embracing feedback with humility and purpose.

The reflections from our students highlight the valuable experiences gained through this competition:

  • “I developed my persuasive skills, becoming a more confident public speaker.”
  • “My favorite part was brainstorming and mind mapping our arguments. Working in a team required me to demonstrate maturity and responsibility to create arguments that would impact our entire team’s case.”
  • “I’ve enjoyed arguing with people.”

These reflections underscore the profound impact that the MISA Debating Competition has had on our students, enhancing their public speaking abilities, teamwork, and critical thinking skills.

At our college, we are committed to offering a diverse range of cocurricular activities that enrich our students’ educational journey. The MISA Debating Competition is just one example of the opportunities available to our students. Through activities like debating, students develop essential life skills, including effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our Year 9 students for their outstanding performance, and we thank the teachers for their guidance and dedication. We also appreciate the Macarthur Independent Schools Association for providing this invaluable opportunity. We look forward to seeing our students continue to excel and grow in their future endeavours.

Great work, Year 9! Your dedication and achievements are truly commendable.