The Life Newsletter

Teaching and Learning – T2 W4 2024

Nurturing Curiosity: Inspiring Lifelong Learning Through Exploration

Have you ever noticed a child staring in fascination at a fluttering butterfly, or peppering you with endless “why” questions? That natural curiosity is the spark that ignites a lifelong love of learning. This term, the College is shining a spotlight on Curiosity and working to grow the dispositions of asking questions, thinking, noticing, and finding wonder within our students.

Stage 3 Visual Arts

Stage 3 students’ insatiable curiosity fuels their visual arts adventures. Sketchbooks fill with detailed observations of the patterns found in nature: the intricate veins on a leaf, the patchwork of colour on a butterfly wing, the patterns presented on a tortoise shell. Every discovery is a testament to the inherent order and design God has hidden within even the most commonplace objects. Through these activities, our student’s curiosity is sparked, not just through asking questions about artistic expression, but in noticing the incredible artistry whispered into the world around them.

“The hole pattern is a unique rainforest of colours.” – Roman M

“I have noticed that some patterns can make things stand out.” – Gurmehar D

“I noticed that some of the shapes and patterns in nature are not always symmetrical, like when the turtle’s shell patterns are next to each other, they fit but aren’t all the same exact shape.” – Mila D

Stage 2 Day Camp
Armed with backpacks and brimming with excitement, the year 3 students piled onto the bus, ready to conquer Day Camp! This wasn’t your average school day; it was a quest for courage, curiosity, and collaboration. The day unfolded like a thrilling adventure. They scaled towering climbing structures, their hearts pounding with each step as they reached for the top. The bumpy BMX tracks tested some of our students balance and bravery, while other groups drenched their opponents in a friendly battle of H2O Skirmish. But the real magic happened during the initiative games. Working together, they tackled challenges that demanded teamwork and problem-solving. Each obstacle that the groups overcame lay proof that with a little cooperation, even the most daunting tasks could be conquered.

“You had to work together and notice what others were doing to see what would work.” – Ava S

“We asked questions to find out what others were do.” – Indiana C

“It was hard to hear all the ideas people had. We had to stop and listen to the ideas of others and then decide together what would be the best way to get across the grass.” – Elyssa P

Multicultural Expo

The excitement is building as we gear up for next week’s Multicultural Expo. Students have gone beyond textbooks to experience some of the many cultures existing within our College. Through engaging lessons, they have explored cultural dances, created vibrant artworks, and even embarked on an inquiry project to understand what a typical school day might look like for children living in different countries all over the world. This immersive experience has fostered empathy and understanding, paving the way for a truly enriching Multicultural Expo next week.

We are excited to invite our families into the College to share the learning that has been happening in preparation for this event.

God bless, 

Mrs Kathryn Watkins
Deputy Head of Junior School – Teaching and Learning