“Of Hope As We Grow”: Celebrating OPAC’s Journey

Crafted by the Senior School Creative Writing Service group, our eBook, “Of Hope as We Grow,” invites you to explore OPAC’s transformative journey. At its core are five foundational values: Courage, Compassion, Collaboration, Curiosity, and Craftsmanship. These values not only define our College but also resonate through the exceptional student works featured in this first creative publication.

Filled with insightful narratives and humour, these contributions exemplify the rich character and creativity fostered at OPAC. This eBook is more than a collection of student work; it’s a testament to the nurturing environment that allows our students to flourish both in spirit and in skill.

Join us in this inspiring exploration of resilience and hope. Download “Of Hope as We Grow” to witness our story of faith, learning, and growth.

Download “Of Hope As We Grow – Creative Writing book”