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Teaching and Learning – T2 W6 2024

Empowering our students for their future

Guiding senior students towards career success

It’s a pivotal time for Year 12 students as they begin their UAC (Universities Admissions Centre) applications. They have been well-prepared for this through Pastoral Care classes, where they learned the intricacies of the application process. With university offers still a few months away, it’s essential to take advantage of the School Recommendation Scheme and start exploring preference options before the Trial HSC exams and major work submissions in term 3.

Several universities have already initiated their early entry pathways, including Western Sydney University and Macquarie University. The University of Wollongong is set to follow with its early entry program starting in mid-June.

In addition to university applications, last week a group of Year 12 students had an informative session with our college nurse, Mrs. Sultana. As a Registered Nurse, Mrs. Sultana shared her valuable insights and experiences from various sectors of the health industry, offering students a clearer understanding of health-related career pathways.

Moreover, a few weeks ago, select students from Years 10 and 11 attended the Camden Council Careers Expo in Oran Park. This event provided an excellent opportunity for students to interact with local businesses, private training providers, and industry leaders, including QANTAS and Western Sydney Airport. It’s encouraging to see many students leveraging their curiosity and courage to explore the diverse possibilities and pathways available to them.

My Gateway

My Gateway facilitates the career development of aspiring apprentices and trainees while assisting employers in identifying, hiring, and training suitable candidates for their business needs.

Since 1982, My Gateway has been dedicated to employing both full-time and school-based apprentices and trainees throughout Sydney. They strategically place apprentices and trainees with host businesses situated across metropolitan Sydney and the surrounding regional areas, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive pathway to professional growth.

If your child is interested in pursuing a school based apprenticeship or traineeship, they are encouraged to attend the information and recruitment evening on Thursday 27th June from 5pm at the MyGateway office in Campbelltown. For more information and to register please scan the QR code.

God bless, 

Mrs Maria Mertzanakis
Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning