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Teaching and Learning – T2 W2 2024

Curious about Teaching and Learning at OPAC?

As we embark on a new term, it behoves us to reaffirm our dedication to one of our foundational values: curiosity. At Oran Park Anglican College, we hold a firm conviction that curiosity serves as the bedrock of learning, innovation, and personal growth. It is the luminous spark that kindles the flame of discovery and the master key that unlocks the myriad of possibilities that lie before us.

Curiosity transcends the mere act of inquiry; it epitomises a profound ethos of wonderment and an insatiable thirst for enlightenment. It forces us to embrace novelty, to explore the vistas of novel ideas and perspectives and to confront the mysteries of the unknown with an ardent spirit.

Though we find ourselves but two weeks into the term, it is heartening to witness the myriad of initiatives already underway to ignite curiosity within our student body. Notably, our Stage 6 Food Technology students have embarked on an immersive journey into the realm of barista training, preparing themselves to oversee the operations of our  College coffee cart. These experiential endeavours transcend the confines of theoretical pedagogy, instilling within our students a profound understanding while igniting the flames of curiosity as they seamlessly bridge classroom concepts with tangible, real-world applications.

This term, our College will focus on nurturing and fostering curiosity within every facet of our academic community. Our senior school faculties have meticulously crafted lessons to infuse opportunities for the cultivation of curiosity across all disciplinary domains. Through the encouragement of inquisitiveness, the facilitation of investigative pursuits, and the promotion of independent scholarly endeavours, we endeavour to nourish the innate curiosity for learning inherent within each of our students.

Furthermore, we were honoured to host Lara Menon, a distinguished criminal defence lawyer from Coutts Lawyers, who engaged our senior school students in a riveting discourse on the nuanced intersection between social media dynamics and the legal landscape. Mrs Menon’s insights and perspectives served to broaden horizons and stimulate critical inquiry amongst our student body, exemplifying our commitment to providing intellectually enriching experiences.

Year 8 Cells

Year 8 are currently studying cells in Science and have been focussing on the core value of curiosity. Students have been growing in their curiosity of things that are microscopic and paying attention to the incredible detail that is found even in relatively simple life forms. They have been learning how to use microscopes and how to make their own microscopes slides. Recently Y8 have looked for microorganisms in pond water. They made their own slides and were able to view a variety of different single and multicellular organisms. They demonstrated curiosity in a whole new world of living things, that cannot be seen without a microscope.

Here are some images of what the year 8 students have discovered by looking down a microscope:

Year 9 ANSTO

On Thursday, year 9 and the y11 and 12 Physics visited ANSTO. ANSTO is Australia’s only nuclear reactor that produces many useful products for medical diagnostics.

The students spent time in the education centre, learning about radioactive elements. They were also able to go on a tour of the facility and view the reactor building and other large scientific equipment that is used for research and producing a variety of useful products. Students were able to ask questions about the reactor, explore possible career paths and learn about the many medical isotopes that the reactor produces, particularly those used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Students also learnt how our core value of collaboration is utilised by Scientists as they work together to find out how our world works.

Senior School Open Morning Invitation

On Tuesday, June 18th, I am delighted to extend an invitation to parents who are curious and eager to learn more about our unique approach to teaching and learning at the College. This special Senior School Opening Morning offers an exclusive opportunity for parents to delve into our educational ethos and experience firsthand the dynamic learning environment we foster.

The morning will include an insightful tour of our classrooms, providing families with a firsthand glimpse into the engaging learning experiences taking place within our College.

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to senior school parents to join us at our College on Tuesday, June 18th from 8:40am-9:40am. This event offers a wonderful opportunity to gain deeper insights into our teaching and learning framework, accompanied by an immersive tour of our classrooms. To secure your spot, please complete the Microsoft Form below. We look forward to sharing our educational ethos and facilities with you.

God bless, 

Mrs Maria Mertzanakis
Deputy Head of Senior School – Teaching and Learning