The Life Newsletter

Senior School – T2 W8 2024

Students Are Shining Bright in So Many Ways!

The Senior School newsletter article shares updates and important information, from the delivery of student reports, Endeavour awards and vibrant Theatresports competitions to the health risks of smokeless tobacco products – we aim to keep you informed and engaged with many aspects of College life.


Late next week, students from Years 7 to 10 should be returning home with their reports within a sealed envelope. These reports are written within a new template, influenced by parent feedback last year. We hope they are found to be informative and provide a more comprehensive outline of each student’s progress. In a similar way, I hope you are finding our fortnightly Digest helpful in understanding your son or daughter’s commitment to learning and College life.

Endeavour Awards

We held our termly Endeavour Assembly this week, an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the endeavour of our students. Such students demonstrated the character of a powerful learner, including persistence, adaptability, precision, imagination and a willingness to take appropriate risks. This term students from Years 7 to 10 were nominated, based on teacher’s recommendations. Congratulations to all award recipients who are continually striving for their personal best.

Endeavour Award recipients were:

Year 7: Morifeoluwa B, Henry C, Talyssa M, Aiden M, Kyah O, Aodi W, Blossom Y.

Year 8: Ruth B, Mia B, Henry B, Eliza F, Katie L, Vaanya N, Arya S, Laura T, Ashley W.

Year 9: Zahi A, Sienna B, Jayleigh D, Hadi H, Eashtha I, Angelpreet K, Ashleigh R, Micah W, Jake W.

Year 10: Chandana A, Imogen F, Jasmeen K, Carmel M, Taleen M, Michelle N, Benjamin P, Venkata R, Jessica S, Vaageesh S.


Neighbouring Schools joined us at the College last week to compete for the esteemed MISA Theatresports crown. It was wonderful to see students throw their creative energies into entertaining, comedic and poignant performances. On home turf we had a win too! However, it was more about students demonstrating their talents through the College values courage, collaboration and craftsmanship.

Rocking the Podium

Our College Concert Band, Stage Band and Choir had their annual pilgrimage to the Podium to entertain shoppers with a wide variety of songs and tunes. It was another example of the College values in action as students collaborated to show the results of many hours of practice and honing their craft.

Smokeless Tobacco Products

The evolving nicotine landscape requires parents and caregivers to stay informed to protect young people from these emerging threats. Snus and nicotine pouches are gaining popularity among young people as smokeless tobacco (SLT) products. Both products are discreetly placed under the upper lip, allowing nicotine absorption through the gums.

Health authorities are urging proactive measures to curb this growing trend and calling on regulators to implement controls before these products become as widespread as vapes. The high nicotine levels in these products pose serious health risks, including nicotine addiction, cardiovascular disease, gum disease, tooth decay, and even nicotine poisoning. Researchers highlight the detrimental effects of nicotine on developing brains, linking its use to depression, anxiety, ADHD symptoms, and an increased risk of addiction to other drugs.

The marketing of snus and nicotine pouches targets young audiences through social media influencers, raising concerns about their increasing popularity among school students. And like vapes, they come in various flavours and strengths, with unregulated nicotine levels leading to inconsistent and misleading labelling. It is clear that SLT products contain not only nicotine, but also other chemicals with unknown long-term effects.

This Special Report will help you become aware of the potential risks of smokeless tobacco products and guide you in age-appropriate discussions with your child.

God bless, 

Mr Steve Owen
Deputy Principal – Head of Senior School


As we wrap up Term 2, let’s celebrate our students’ remarkable sporting achievements over the past two weeks. Their dedication and hard work have resulted in some outstanding performances.


The 7-9 Boys Basketball team made history by competing in Division 1 for the first time. Under the guidance of Mr. Irwin and coaches Michael and Andre, they finished in 4th place, setting a strong foundation for next year. Congratulations to the team and their coaches!

The Girls Basketball team, despite a winless season, showed incredible perseverance and sportsmanship. With many Year 7 and 8 players, they promise a bright future. Mr. Bywater looks forward to their continued improvement.


The 10-12 Boys Softball team, another first for OPAC in Division 1, showcased their skill despite rain disruptions. They remain undefeated except for one match. Next Tuesday, they have a chance to clinch the title with a significant win. We are proud of their performance and sportsmanship.


The Girls Netball team, undefeated in Division 1, will compete in the grand final against Mount Carmel Catholic College next Tuesday (25th June). Congratulations to the team and their coach, Mrs. Grant, for their outstanding performance.

Indoor Cricket:

The Girls Indoor Cricket team earned a spot in the Grand Final against Wollondilly, steadily improving throughout the term. For many, it was their first experience with Indoor Cricket, and they look forward to building on their performance next year. Well done, girls, and coach Mrs. Morrison.

Ultimate Frisbee:

The mixed Ultimate Frisbee team narrowly missed 1st place to Wollondilly Anglican College by 2 points. Mr. Gillies is proud of their effort and teamwork. Great job, team!


The 11/12 Boys Soccer team is tied for first with Macarthur Anglican School. Their final match next week against Mount Annan Christian College will determine the title. Good luck, gentlemen.

The Girls Soccer team faced a tough season, finishing 3rd in their pool and 5th overall in Division 2. They are commended for their persistence and positive attitude.

Congratulations to all our athletes and coaches for their remarkable achievements this term!

MISA Trials:

As we look forward to Term 3, we remind students that MISA trials will take place in Week 9 of Term 2 and Week 1 of Term 3. Interested students should sign up using the form sent by Mr. Cranston via email.

CSSA NSW Secondary State Netball:

Our Open Girls team had the incredible opportunity to participate in the CSSA State Netball Championship. The event was a day of fierce competition, and our girls represented OPAC skillfully. They came close to reaching the semifinals, missing out by just one win in a pool of eight teams. Congratulations to our exceptional girls for their outstanding efforts and accomplishments.

CSSA Zone Soccer Gala Days:

We participated in the Zone Soccer Gala Day with four OPAC teams aiming to qualify for the State Finals. Despite their hard work and dedication, our teams narrowly missed qualifying. We commend their commitment and sportsmanship throughout the competition. Well done to all teams for their dedication and hard work!

CSSA & CIS State Cross Country:

OPAC sent a team of 26 students to the Christian Schools NSW Cross Country event. Despite the windy and wet conditions, our students competed with enthusiasm and great school spirit. Minnie-Mae (Year 7) finished 2nd and Joel (Year 7) finished 5th in their respective events, qualifying them for the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) cross country event. They faced elite competition and gained valuable experience. Congratulations to Minnie-Mae and Joel for their outstanding performances.

Looking Ahead:

Week 9 of Term 2 and Week 1 of Term 3 will feature the first round of trials for Term 3 MISA teams. Students should check their emails for more information.

Term 3 will introduce a House-based sports competition for students not involved in MISA. Students should read their emails and sign up for their House-based teams on Clipboard by the end of the term. All students, including those participating in MISA, are required to complete this registration.

God Bless, 

Mr Christopher Cranston

Head of PDHPE and Sport