Junior School

Welcome to our Junior School. We are a vibrant learning community where all members are known and valued. Our dedicated and professional staff work together with parents and students to build a safe and supportive environment that allows children to grow into confident and curious learners.

Through a Christ centred quality education, we strive to provide an engaging holistic curriculum with an emphasis on developing strong literacy and numeracy skills from Prep to Year 6. We offer a range of opportunities both in and outside of the classroom with a rich co-curricular program designed to encourage students to explore new learning opportunities or continue to develop skills and talents they already have. Our classrooms are bright, flexible learning spaces and our playground is designed to engage and challenge students, complimenting the learning that takes place both in and outdoors.

We value a learning community where relationships are at the heart of all we do and where students have the opportunity to begin to build the character and skills for a meaningful life beyond school and make a positive difference to the world they will live in.


Mrs Jenny Squire

Deputy Principal - Head of Junior School

Welcome to our Junior School


At Oran Park Anglican College we know that the early years of a child’s education are formative to their long term success in learning. We believe that young children possess an innate curiosity to wonder, to ask questions and search for meaning in their surroundings and experiences. Harnessing a child’s innate curiosity and capacity for new experiences is essential in this distinct developmental phase in children. Through a balanced approach, we are building resilient, confident, creative and adaptive learners.

Children enrolling in Preparatory are well prepared for commencement into Kindergarten and the formal years of schooling. The program provides a developmentally appropriate blend of play-based and more formalised learning activities. Our curriculum fosters a child’s natural curiosity through the creation of rich learning environments and intentionally designed learning experiences, with an emphasis on developing a strong foundation in Literacy and Numeracy in readiness for Kindergarten.

Parents of children aged 4 and 5 can choose to enrol their child into either the 2-day (Thursday and Friday) or 3-day (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) class. As part of the wider College community, Preparatory students participate in many College activities. Children will feel part of our College community and both you and your child will begin to form relationships with the staff and families from the College.


Learning in the Junior School takes place through a Christ centred, holistic curriculum. We aim to build the foundations of life-long learning in our students and maintain a positive learning culture, where students learn the skills to take responsibility for their learning.

We offer a range of opportunities for every student, with an intensive focus on explicitly teaching the fundamentals of Literacy and Numeracy, supplemented by a desire to equip students with the values of compassion, curiosity, collaboration, craftsmanship and courage.

Rich learning programs are developed, based on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus documents. In addition to key learning areas, students receive specialist instruction in the areas of Music and Sport. Student learning experiences are differentiated for individual student needs and are matched to stage appropriate outcomes that have been set for each key learning area.

Technology is embedded throughout learning programs in the Junior School and is used to enhance learning in the classroom. Our school is well equipped with interactive whiteboards in each classroom. In P-2 students have access to banks of iPads and in Years 2 - 4 we transition to laptops in preparation for our BYOL program. This access to technology is underpinned with an acceptable use policy and a cyclical program of skill development in the area of ICT, so that our children are skilled and savvy users of age appropriate tools.

Student Wellbeing


At Oran Park Anglican College we prioritise a safe and caring environment, knowing and caring for each child in our care so that our students thrive in all aspects of College life. Based on our College values and through the framework of restorative practices we teach students to be safe, respectful learners who have the skills to build, repair and maintain healthy relationships.

In providing a comprehensive framework of support, class teachers work together with our wellbeing team. Our wellbeing team includes our Head of Wellbeing, Student Wellbeing Advisors, Stage Coordinators, ministry workers and counselling staff.

Our student wellbeing program helps each student develop confidence, build relationships as part of a class and College community and provides lifelong skills of emotional and social wellbeing. We have a vibrant Buddies and Peer Support program and well as opportunities to develop leadership through our Junior School Student Leader pathways.

Learning Support and Enrichment

Individual needs of students are further supported by the enrichment program as well as specialist academic learning support staff who, where necessary, assist students in developing their core skills in Literacy and Numeracy.


All students need enriching learning experiences. Each year classes are carefully considered so that students are able to benefit from working collaboratively with other learners who approach learning in a similar way. At the same time we ensure that there is opportunity for mixed ability groupings as it is clearly understood that giftedness exists in many domains beyond those traditionally identified at school. Our teachers are skilled and constantly developing a differentiated curriculum, ensuring all learners are met where they are at and provided the scaffolding and challenge to allow them to reach their full potential.

For students requiring additional enrichment, our Enrichment Coordinator will identify and plan learning and extra curricular activities to meet their needs.

The College sends students to participate in external competitions including Maths Olympiad, Gateway Macarthur, da Vinci Decathalon, Future Problem Solving, Public Speaking and Debating.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Team makes adjustments for students who require additional support to meet their full potential. Our model includes ongoing identification of student needs through the collaborative planning process, implementation of individual programmes and monitoring and evaluation of student progress. Support may be provided through classroom strategies, differentiated programs, one to one or small group instruction or in class support.  Adjustments may be provided long or short term according the individual learning needs of each student.
We provide a variety of intervention programmes covering both Literacy and Numeracy;

  • MiniLit
  • MacqLit
  • Math Mastery



Our philosophy of creating a holistic learning environment is further supported by an extensive co-curricular program. Lunchtime groups include CRU, Chess club, Debating, STEM, Choir, Band, Drama, Dance, Gardening and Art Club. We encourage all students to become involved in these groups, to develop or explore new interests and skills.

Alongside our lunch time groups the College supports an extensive Sport and Music program.


All students in Prep to Year 2 participate in Physical Education classes that are appropriate to their age. Prep and Kindergarten children focus on gross motor activities such as throwing, catching, balancing and many more. Infants students also have the opportunity to be part of school sports program run by specialist coaches supervised by College staff. This involves a range of sports including Football, Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance and Swimming. 

Students in Years 3 to 6 participate in either the College Sport program or inter-school competition through IPSSO (Independent Primary Schools Sporting Organisation). There are seven schools in the competition. Students are invited to trial for places in College teams and if selected for these teams, to commit to before school training for the duration of the season.

Opportunities are available to represent the College through CSSA and NSWCIS, as well as sport Gala Days.

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Music Program

Excellence in music education forms a key part of our Junior School. As part of the College music program students have a number of opportunities to become involved in a variety of ensembles, peripatetic programs and lunchtime groups, with a focus on skill building and a range of performance opportunities. 

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in class weekly music lessons, taught by specialist music teachers. In Year 4 students participate in a compulsory instrumental program, becoming part of a formal ensemble group learning a wind, brass or percussion instrument under the guidance of a professional tutor. This band experience leads into opportunities to join the College Jazz or Stage Bands.

Choir groups run from Kindergarten to Year 6. Under the guidance of our Music department, these choirs perform at College and community events throughout the year.

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