Leadership Team

As Principal, Mrs Naomi Wilkins is strongly supported by her Executive team made up of: 

Deputy Principal - Head of Junior School – Mrs Jenny Squire

Deputy Principal - Head of Senior School – Mr Steve Owen

Director of Academic Operations - Mr Hugh Renshaw

Director of Wellbeing and Christian Education - Ms Kirsten Philips

Mr Michael Newton, the previous Head of Senior School has stepped down from this role as he transitions to a new role within the Corporation. He will still be part of the Executive during this transition period.

The Leadership team works together to gather, inspire and lead their teams to promote the College’s strategic intentions:

  1. Growing in Christ
  2. Growing as Learners
  3. Growing our Community

They achieve this by being leaders who: 

  • Challenge the process by facilitating change that moves towards opportunities 
  • Inspire a shared vision by committing and engaging others 
  • Enable others to act by building trust that leads to serving others 
  • Model the life by establishing unity through setting an example 
  • Encourage the heart by acknowledging success and celebrating it