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As part of the Board of Studies requirements, all students from Prep to Year 10 participate in at least two hours of physical activity each week. For most students this  time is exceeded through PDHPE lessons and organised sport. 


All students in Prep to Year 2 participate in Physical Education classes that are appropriate to their age. Prep and Kindergarten children focus on gross motor activities such as throwing, catching, balancing and many more. Infants students also participate in a range of weekly sporting activities including Swimming for Years 1 and 2.

Infant students also have the opportunity to be part of an after school sports program run by external coaches supervised by College staff. This involves a range of sports including Netball, AFL, Cricket and Football.  There is no additional cost for this program.  

Students in Years 3 to 6 may participate in an inter-school weekly sporting competition through IPSSO (Independent Primary Schools Sporting Organisation). There are seven schools in the competition. Matches are held on Wednesdays during College time after an early lunch. Students are invited to trial for places in College teams. Students selected for these teams are expected to commit to training for the duration of the term.

Terms 1 and 4

Oz Tag (mixed teams)

Basketball (mixed teams)

Cricket (Boys)

Terms 2 and 3

Football / Soccer (Boys)

Netball (Girls)

Mixed Newcombe Ball (Years 3 and 4), Mixed Volleyball (Years 5 and 6)

Students may choose to participate in a College Sporting Program on Wednesday afternoons. This is conducted by College staff with assistance from parents and outside experts. There is no extra cost involved for parents.

Students are also given the opportunity to take part in a weekly Sports Elective Program conducted off-site at the same time as the other sports programs.

The students are supervised by College staff. There is an extra cost involved for these electives which includes bus travel, venue entry or hire and coaching/tuition. Minimum numbers are required.

Towards the end of each term, students are required to make a choice for the coming term. Students may choose a different program each term.


Selected students have the opportunity to compete in a range of sports representing the College at CSSA  (Christian Schools Sports Association) Gala Days. Such Gala Days may also involve selection of a CSSA team.

Students in Years 3 - 6 will participate in a College Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnival. If selected, students will represent the College at the CSSA Carnival.

Outstanding students at the CSSA Gala Days can be selected to represent CSSA at the NSWCIS (NSW Combined Independent Schools Sports Council) Championships. This may also include selection for the NSWCIS at state level and up.

Students who compete at the CSSA Carnival may be selected to represent CSSA to compete at the AICES (Association of Co-Educational Schools) and NSWCIS Carnivals.

SENIOR SCHOOL SPORT - Year 7 to Year 10

Our aim is to provide a structured and balanced program of sporting activities that offers students with a positive experience of sport, while developing skills in different endeavours.

In order to reach our goals for sport, we aim to achieve the following:
•    Develop a strong, personal character that reflects the Christian ethos of the College
•    Develop skills that enhance personal and team performance
•    Develop team, house and school spirit
•    Encourage students to foster a positive attitude towards an active lifestyle: ‘Exercise is an opportunity, not an inconvenience’.
•    Develop different skills, abilities and gifts that God has provided each student in order to achieve at their potential.


The representative pathway is:

  1. Oran Park Anglican College (OPAC) /Thomas Hassall Anglican College (THAC)
  2. Christian Schools Sports Association (CSSA)
  3. Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES)
  4. Combined Independent Schools (CIS)
  5. All Schools (NSW)
  6. School Sport Australia (SSA) National Level

Oran Park Anglican College attends the carnivals at Thomas Hassall Anglican College. From our College carnivals, we take a team to represent at the CSSA carnivals. 

Students, who achieve a high level at the CSSA competition, then get selected to represent at the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES) competitions. 

All Secondary Students from Years 7 - 10 are required to do sport on Tuesday afternoons during periods 5 and 6. During this time, students undertake a variety of sports. In most cases, either a skilled teacher or a qualified coach will teach the sport. As a result, part of each session will be devoted to skill development. This is aimed at improving the confidence, ability and skill level of all students as well as understanding the nature of each sporting game. Ideally, we would like to see all students develop the confidence and passion to represent Oran Park Anglican College in a sporting endeavour. 

Swimming, Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, AFL, Touch Football/Oz tag, Volleyball.

Students are to wear their full sports uniform to the College.  This includes:
•    College Sports top – Navy and white, with College logo
•    College Sports shorts – Navy
•    White socks
•    Predominately white sport shoes
•    College sports cap
•    College Tracksuit top – weather permitting
•    College Tracksuit pants – weather permitting

There are sporting awards that students can strive for throughout the year. 
Age Champions – These are awarded after each carnival to the student with the most points in their age group. 

Sportsperson – This is awarded to a student in each stage at Celebration. This is awarded on a point score system as well as sportsmanship and commitment to the College.

Students may trial to gain a place in a College team as part of the Tuesday afternoon inter-school competition called MISA. MISA stands for the Macarthur Independent Schools Association. There are three seasons in the year and trials are held at the beginning of each season. All students chosen to represent the College are required to attend regular training sessions.

Students not selected for MISA teams and others who choose to do so may participate in the Weekly College Sport Program. This is conducted on the College site or on nearby sporting facilities. Students are supervised by College staff with expert assistance from parents or outside tutors.