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The purpose of our Preparatory (Prep) / Pre-kinder program is to prepare students for commencing Kindergarten. To enrol in our Prep program children must turn 4 by 30th April. The structured program is based on the Early Stage One Curriculum which dovetails into the Kindergarten program. The children will be prepared for the formal learning that will take place in the following years.

Students can acquire various skills needed for writing and gain an understanding of basic mathematical concepts. They learn to listen, follow directions, work as a group or individual and to learn to socialise. They learn through play and language activities, as well as more formative activities. They learn sounds and sightwords when they are ready. The program gradually becomes more challenging as the year progresses.

Transition to College will be easier as the child will be familiar with the rules and routines of the College. They will participate in all the College activities such as Easter Hat Parade, Grandparents Day, assemblies and other College events. They will be familiiar with the playground and the facilities such as the sports field. Children will feel part of our College family, whether they are siblings or new families to the College and both you and your child will begin to form relationships with the staff and families from the College.



2 day class - Tuesday and Thursday

3 day class - Monday, Wednesday and Friday



8.40 am to 3.00 pm