Oran Park Anglican College

Oran Park Anglican College (OPAC) is an inclusive Prep to Year 12 Anglican College in the heart of Oran Park. OPAC aims to create powerful learners through the explicit teaching of key knowledge and skills to develop a lifelong love of learning.

At OPAC, we embrace our distinctive approach to education. Our values empower our students to grow into confident individuals who possess a deep understanding of their abilities and are fully equipped for the adventures that lie ahead.

We are committed to offering a holistic education that not only shapes the minds of our students, but also cultivates their unique talents and God-given gifts.

Enrolments are now open for 2026 and 2027.  With limited spaces available, we invite you to make an enrolment enquiry today. 

The OPAC Difference

The OPAC Difference is gained from our unique mix of opportunities, academic rigour and knowing each student as an individual – made uniquely in God’s image. Your child’s progress is measured not only by academic success, but also by character, relationships, and preparation for a life of learning beyond school.

Our graduates leave the College as robust resilient young adults, who are confident in their abilities, and equipped and empowered for a life after school. 

Enrolments are now open for 2026 and 2027.