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Music Lessons

There are a number of highly qualified instrumental tutors available at the College. Private tuition is strongly encouraged in order for students to develop correct playing technique and maximise their enjoyment of music and performance under the guidance of an expert.

Students are also encouraged to sit formal examinations on their instrument or voice and private tutors can assist with the selection of appropriate repertoire and preparation for examinations.

Tuition arrangement, payment and timetabling is organised directly between the student/family and the individual tutor. Below are the details of private music tutors operating at the College in 2020.

Application Forms for music lessons - click here

If you would like your child to receive private tuition on the following instruments, please contact the tutors to check their availability.

Allana Cservak

0405 141 831


David Quinn

0430 711 677


Francesca Olson

0413 942 632


Isabella Mazzarolo

0411 743 528


James Squire

0468 475 527


Jonathan Dollin

0439 710 628


Keren Jamison

0425 239 352

Trombone/Euphonium/French Horn

Ron Arellano

0402 661 487

Choir Accompanist

Brad Stoicesciu 

0450 957 864 


Bronwyn Harrowsmith0426 991 989