Our College provides a structured and balanced program of sporting activities that offers students with a positive experience of sport, the development of skills and a lifelong appreciation of physical activity and fitness. We offer a wide range of competitive and college sports, and school carnivals in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

The purpose of our sporting goals is for students to achieve the following:

  • Develop a strong, personal character that reflect the core values of the College
  • Develop skills that enhance personal and team performance
  • Develop team, house and school spirit
  • Encourage students to foster a positive attitude towards an active lifestyle
  • Develop the gifts and talents of each student in order to achieve their potential.

Sport is an extension of the classroom where students not only develop physical fitness but also learn the important skills of teamwork, leadership, resilience and respect. Our students are taught to always give their best on the sporting field, to win with humility and be dignified in defeat.

The College provides representative pathways for students to excel in team events, individual sporting competitions and gala days. A more comprehensive list of opportunities can be found on the respective Junior School and Senior School links.