Our Learning Community

At Oran Park Anglican College our students learn in an academically challenging and pastorally strong environment.

We value academic rigor, strong pastoral care, service learning opportunities, thriving sporting programs and excellence in the creative and performing arts. In doing so, we inherently value every member of our community. Our students will naturally find a place in one or more of these domains and giving students the opportunity to not only get involved but to flourish and aspire to excellence in these areas, is a growing hallmark of our College community. We are continuing to shape our teaching and learning model to ensure that students are prepared for the 21st Century. We are actively engaging with the future rather than waiting for it to happen. Our teachers are working collaboratively to enhance the opportunities provided to all children and to ensure that our students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to be lifelong learners.

At the heart of the culture of the College are our core values of courage, curiosity, craftsmanship, collaboration and compassion. These values reflect our Christian beliefs and commitment to providing meaningful and personal learning experiences for every student. We demonstrate and model these values and seek to see them displayed in our student.