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Gifted & Talented

At Oran Park Anglican College, we value the whole child and so we aim to provide for each child’s learning needs. We believe that each child has a gift to be nurtured and since children develop at different rates, the process of identifying these gifts is an ongoing activity.

Our Gifted and Talented Guideline is based on Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent. Gagné’s model defines giftedness as being very high potential, while talent is the unusually high level of performance achieved after the gift has been built upon through a talent development process. Students can be gifted in only one domain or in many.

Provision for gifted students ranges from differentiation within class/subject programs to acceleration in one area or all for the small percentage of students whose gifts are of such a high order that they need to be with older age peers who have similar cognitive abilities to their own.

We have a varied co-curricular program and opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills and take part in community service.

The College has an Enrichment Coordinator who assists in the provision of services for students who are gifted. All College teachers have taken part in professional development programs to improve their understanding of the needs and characteristics of gifted students. This professional development will be ongoing within the College and teachers are encouraged to learn more through independent study.

We aim for our College environment to be one that encourages and values excellence in all areas.


Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of competitions including Maths Olympicads and the University of NSW International Competitions in Computer Skills, Science, Writing, Spelling, English and Mathematics. The students enjoy using their thinking skills and strategies in these activities and the competition involved.