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Creative Arts

Oran Park Anglican College provides a well-rounded music education, with opportunities to learn various instruments. 

Year 3 – Recorder

Students will be introduced to the recorder and explore a variety of genre’s during class time involving movement, singing, composing and listening. They will be advancing through a program called ‘Recorder Karate’ and given various performance opportunities throughout the year.

Year 4 – Concert Band

Students will be learning a concert band instrument. The choice of instrument for Years 4 involves 3 stages. Students are firstly tested for their timbre preferences. They are then tested for their embouchure ability. These take place during class & external tutors advise the most appropriate instrument for the student. Finally, the students give their top 3 preferred instrument. During the year they receive group lessons & perform as an ensemble group using the well acclaimed resource ‘Essential Elements’. They also closely study the classical genre and become familiar with musical notation and symbols.

Year 5 – Ukulele

Students will be learning the ukulele focusing on chord and strumming patterns. They will be introduced to reading traditional notation and tab, and use it as an accompaniment. Students will learn to play a variety of genres and will continue participating in singing, movement and theory activities. Students will also focus on rhythmic percussion.


Year 6 – Ensemble instruments

Students will be continuing with a focus on performance skills on a variety of instruments including tuned and untuned percussion. They will work in groups to create ensembles and perform class pieces working on reading notation and composing. Students will be able to bring in their own instrument to perform on if they are learning outside school.


Year 7 – Guitar

Students are given the opportunity to learn various riffs and chords of rock and popular music repertoire on the guitar. They continue working on reading traditional notation and tab and are encouraged to explore and learn repertoire of their choosing. Students use Garageband as a tool for composition tasks.

Year 8 – Keyboard

Students learn correct technique in playing the keyboard and are taught to improvise, compose and play familiar and unfamiliar songs. Students use Garageband as a tool for composition tasks.




Concert Band

This ensemble is designed for beginning and intermediate concert band musicians. The level of repertoire is simpler with the intention to introduce students to the demands of performing in a large scale ensemble. Students have experienced professional musicians perform with them during rehearsals and run sectionals at the beginning of rehearsals. They rehearse on Thursday afternoons between 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm.

Senior School Choir

Senior School Choir is a group of secondary vocalists from Years 7-10.  Rehearsals take place every Friday Lunchtime, under the choral direction of Mrs Genesa Lane.  Students in this group sing a range of challenging repertoire incorporating harmony parts and Acapella singing.  Senior School Choir has the opportunity to sing at various College events and in the wider community.


Junior School Choir

Junior Choir is a group of junior vocalists from Years 3-6.  Rehearsals take place every Thursday Lunchtime under the choral direction of Mrs Genesa Lane.  During rehearsal Junior Choir are equipped to learn simple and effective vocal techniques and are introduced to singing in harmony. They sing a range of repertoire including rounds, gospel music, popular music and other forms of choral repertoire. Junior Choir has the opportunity to perform at various College Events and in the wider community.

Senior School Band

The senior school band is a group of instrumentalists that perform Christian and popular repertoire at various school and community events. They include singers, bassists, guitarists, drummers, wind instruments and strings. They rehearse Wednesday and Thursday mornings under the direction of Mr Mark Bulmer.


Two dance groups have been formed, Junior Dance (K-5) and Senior Dance (6-8). Students dance for fun and learn routines that may be performed at College and or community events.