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The College is equipped with electronic smart whiteboards, laptops trolleys, desktops computers and iPad. The College provides wifi to students for research activities and online resources. At Oran Park Anglican College our classrooms are constantly evolving and developing to meet the needs and requirements of today’s students.

Now more than ever, there is an awareness of how environment and access to resources impacts learning. With this in mind, we have designed our classrooms to not only be durable and aesthetically pleasing, but also to be functional and relevant to modern learning needs.

We offer flexibility in layout and design to support different learning styles and access to educational resources and new technologies.

Many new learning spaces also feature sustainable and progressive design elements that take into account respect for the natural environment.

Classrooms are designed with the student and their teachers in mind, with the central aim of improving student learning outcomes and to identify and address student learning needs.



The Senior School operates an iPad program. Students use educational applications to further facilitate and enhance their learning. Students also use thier iPads for the display of their textbooks, conducting research, note-taking and for other educational applications.